What's your style philosophy? Don't be afraid to be different. Fashion is all about attitude and bringing out the best in you. 

What fuels your passion for style and design? I'm passionate about helping women feel good about themselves and giving them the confidence to conquer anything. Also, fashion lets you create and use your imagination. It's expressive, fun and challenging.  

What's your go-to accessory? Rings and watches--especially the ones no one else has! We make it a point to carry just a few of each item in the shop. 

Favorite color combo? White and khaki. It's fresh and timeless.       














Floor Manager 

What's your style philosophy? Break the rules. Pair unexpected pieces together, try something crazy, but always stay true to what feels like you. 

What excites you most about fashion? I love the adventure of trying something new and unfamiliar, and making it my own. And I love what fashion can do. There's just about nothing better for your day than a killer outfit that says "This is Me" or "Here I Am"! You feel like you can do just about anything and you usually can. 

What's the key to a good outfit? Accessories (of course!) or the third "layer." (Just ask.)

Any personal style icons? Iris Apfel because she reminds us that age matters exactly 0%--it's all your attitude. Iris and other "advanced style" ladies are forcing us to rethink the connection between age and fashion.