We’re thrilled to welcome world-renowned artist, Dena Lyons, to shop this Friday for a trunk show featuring her dynamic paintings printed on silk scarves and pillows. Along with our stylists, Dena will be demonstrating the incredible versatility of her beautiful scarves (there’s over 10 ways to wear them!). Made in Italy, the scarves and pillows are a luxe addition to your wardrobe and home, and also make the perfect gifts this holiday season! Get to know more about Dena, below, and then be sure to join us November 11, 10am-5pm.

Where do you find inspiration for your art? 
I find inspiration for my paintings in the trees. They are beautiful, majestic beings with unique personalities that deserve attention. My portraits of individual trees reflect their magical changes through the seasons.

Your scarves have a transformative power to them. 
When a woman wears my scarves, I want her to feel wrapped in love and inspired to be playful, bold and beautiful.

They're also incredibly versatile. Why was this an important facet during their design?
Yes, my large scarves can also be used as a wrap, a jacket and even a dress to fit any setting. The versatility gives you options and suits a modern woman's lifestyle. My scarves are perfect to pack for vacation because you just need a black dress and a scarf and can use the scarf to transform one dress into many different styles, saving you from packing heavily. 

What do your pillows bring to a room or a home?
My collection of pillows bring a touch of life and playfulness to your home decor.

What's your style philosophy?
As an artist, I create works to inspire people. The first thing we do before going out for the day is get dressed. Start each day being inspired through the color and texture of what you are wearing. I choose soft accessories because they are cozy and make me feel happy.

What's next for you?
I am always on a mission to find colors in my surroundings and bring them back through painting into my collections. I will continue to create unique wearables using these unexpected color choices. We are working on caftans, dresses and additional men's accessories for next year.

Don't miss your chance to meet Dena this Friday! 

November 06, 2016 by Sonia Says

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